Led Astray

Welcome to Led Astray…My outlet. 


I’m nobody special. In a world with millions of blogs and even more opinions (you know what they say about opinions) I’m just a tiny speck. However to my kids and husband, I’m pretty special, or at least I would like to think so. This blog was created simply for a way for me to journal about my day to day life and opinions about what’s going on in this crazy world (“crazy” is putting it nicely). I’m happily married with 3 wonderful kids, 2 smelly dogs and a cat that every once in awhile decides to grace me with her presence when she’s hungry. I admit I forget we even have a cat most days. I was sitting on my couch, scrolling through my FB feed and realized how angry people are these days. If I ever feel like I want to revisit my high school years I just sign on to social media and boom, I’m back in high school. The cliques and name calling between people with different opinions is sometimes amusing but always sad. I’ll admit, I’ve wanted to resort to the same behavior because I’m a pretty strong headed person that stands firm in my beliefs on things but I for the most part just scroll on through arguing my side in my own head. That’s when I decided I’d blog. As a stay at home parent I’m pretty sure this is not a new concept. I would like to officially welcome you to my world. I’m open for critiques, opinions and debates but the minute you resort to childlike behavior you have my permission to leave this blog and return to your angry, self absorbed life. This blog is not about shaming others but about how I see things. My perception is just that, my perception. Everyone experiences life differently which leads them to draw their own conclusions. Everyone has different experiences and this is just a way for me to chronicle mine. So welcome to Led Astray…My outlet.       quote-Oscar-Wilde-the-advantage-of-the-emotions-is-that-101069_3